We are One of the World's Largest Manufacturers of 0.68 Defense Paintball Projectiles!

Below is a preview of some of the products Bulls Breaker Balls has to offer

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We also specialise in the manufacturing of Bulls Breaker Plastic Shells – that you can fill up with almost anything! From Paint, Baking powder, Sand, Glitter to making your own mini Stink bomb mortars!


Our products are trusted by more than 2500 agencies worldwide! We also have the widest range of defence projectiles available internationally!


Please Contact us on +27(81)546-0893 or +27(12)657-0601 for any technical queries that you might have.

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Technical Breakdown of 0.68 Caliber Bulls Breaker Ball Projectiles

Original Breaker Balls
Rubberlised Plastic coated Toughened Glass Balls. Extrememly lethal 6.8g Breaker Ball

Anti-Riot Nylon Ball

Ideal for Riot control & Self Defense. Weight of approximately 3.8g.

Malodorant Balls

Ideal for Self-Defense & Riot control. Approximately 3.8g & Ultrasonically Welded

Water Filled Training Balls
Ideal for Training. Cost Effective. Low mess training Indoors or Outdoors. 3g ultrasonically welded
Bulls Pepper Balls

Contains Carolina Reaper extract. Oleoresin – 12%, the most potent Pepper Balls internationally!

Bulls Spark Ball

Ideal for cinematic & film production. Creates real sparks upon impact.

Glow in the Dark Balls
Ideal for tracers at night time & training at night. Ultrasonically welded.
Bright Orange Balls (Yo kara Boru)
High Visibility Marking. Stains permanently & dries very quick. Ultrasonically welded. +- 3.2 g
Empty Paintball Shells

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