Glow in the Dark Balls

Bulls Breaker Glow in the Dark rounds contains a high-quality permanent glow in the dark paint, clearly visible at night. These Glow in the Dark rounds dries extremely quickly & once the target is hit, it can easily be seen in dark areas for several hours! These glow in the dark rounds stick very well to all material types, such as metal, all clothing types & even plastic! It is extremely effective in combating all types of crime in general. These balls are also ideal for military training, as they are easily seen at night & can be used as tracer rounds! Due to the weight of these Balls, it does not easily get affected by for instance wind. Please charge Bulls Breaker Glow in the Dark rounds in a source of light first, before making use of the product. The stronger the light source & the longer you charge them, the brighter these Balls will be!

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