Pepper Balls

Bulls Breaker Balls Pepper is guaranteed the most lethal .68 calibre Pepper paintball marker projectile available internationally! Each Bulls Breaker Pepper Ball is made with the finest high-quality military grade PAVA Pepper powder. It also contains Carolina Reaper Pepper extract, currently the hottest pepper worldwide! Bulls Breaker Pepper balls are the most potent on the market, combining kinetic impact, psychological shock, and natural capsaicin powder to irritate and gain compliance.

Each Bulls Breaker Pepper Ball is uniquely handmade, with the finest PAVA Pepper powder & Carolina Reaper extract that will infiltrate the sensory system of an assailant, incapacitating the assailant for at least 15 minutes. Using only the finest high quality yellow/red coloured plastic shells. These balls are the perfect weight & composition for the ultimate powerful Pepper projectile experience.

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