You can find All alternative 0.68 paintball Projectiles for your self-Defence & Entertainment needs...right here!!!

Original Bulls Breaker Balls

Each Bulls Breaker Ball is uniquely handmade, using the finest high quality toughened glazed glass. These balls are then coated in a perfectly balanced rubberized plastic formula, to give it the perfect grip & weight for the ultimate powerful projectile experience! Click on the link below to watch the video of how lethal Original Bulls Breaker Balls really are!!!

Breaker Balls Pepper Balls (Contains Carolina Reaper Extract - World's Hottest Chilli Pepper)

Each Bulls Breaker Pepper Ball is made with the finest high-quality military grade PAVA Pepper powder. It also contains Carolina Reaper Pepper extract, currently the world’s hottest pepper! Bulls Breaker Pepperballs are the most potent on the market, combining kinetic impact, psychological shock, and natural capsaicin powder to irritate and gain compliance.usiness focused websites. Click on the link below to watch the YouTube video for more information on our Bulls Breaker Pepper Balls!

Bulls Spark Balls

Bulls Breaker Ball Spark Rounds creates a flair of sparks as soon as it hits a hard surface. They are ideal for scaring away criminals, as it creates a similar effect of a real bullet hitting a surface. It can also be used in cinema & film to create the Bullet hitting a surface effect! One of the active ingredients is Zirconium, making these Balls flair with sparks once it hits any surface!!! PLEASE DO NOT SHOOT AGAINST FLAMMABLE MATERIALS, AS THESE BALLS WILL CAUSE THESE MATERIALS TO IGNITE!!!

Bulls Malodorant Balls

Each Malodorant Breaker Ball contains a mixture of some of the most foul-smelling chemicals that are known to man. These include Skatole & Ammonium sulphide to name but a few, the main chemical compounds that are responsible for the foul smell of stink bombs. Very effective for crowd control & for K9’s to smell out a criminal hiding miles away! For more information, please click on the link below for the video on Bulls Malodorant Balls.

Bulls High-impact Nylon Balls (Riot Rounds)

Bulls Breaker High Impact Nylon Balls are made with the finest high-quality solid military-grade Nylon & can cause serious damage! A very cost effective Self-defense projectile.that are often used to control riots in many countries! These Balls are perfectly balanced & great for training! They are lighter than it’s bigger brother the Original Bulls Breaker Ball, but still, causes extreme shock & high pain levels when used for self-defense purposes. Also called Reballs.

Glow in the Dark Balls

Bulls Breaker High Impact Nylon Balls are

made with the finest high-quality solid

military grade Nylon & can cause

serious damage! A very cost effective

self defense projectile.that are often used to

control riots in many countries! These Balls are

perfectly balanced & great for training! They

are lighter than it’s bigger brother the

Original Bulls Breaker Ball, but still

causes extreme shock & high pain levels

when used for self-defense purposes.

Also called Reballs.websites.

Permanent Bright Orange Rounds

Bulls Breaker Permanent Bright Orange rounds are ideal for crime prevention, as it permanently marks your target to easily be identified by police or crime prevention units. These bright neon orange rounds dries very quick & is extremely difficult to remove from any material such as metal, all clothing types & even plastic! Extremely effective in combating robbery & theft.

Water Filled Training Rounds

Water filled Bulls Breaker Balls has been designed purely for training purposes, But can also be used for self-defense. Water at high speed can cause quite some damage. The shells are also made of tough PVC Plastic & will have an effect on impact.

0.68 Paintball Shells

These empty paintball shells can be filled with anything you like. It is simply clicked together, & is then tightly sealed. It then be shot with any standard 0.68 caliber Paintball marker or even a sling shot! No glue required, just click the male & female sides together & it is tightly sealed with whatever you filled your balls up with.These shells are sold to a wide variety of customers, from film producers, security companies, defence companies to name but a few. We offer the best quality paintball shells at the lowest prices internationally! Purchasing directly from the manufacturer. You can fill these shells with almost anything! From Pepper, Water, Paint, Baking powder, Sand, Glitter, Stinky stuff, etc. We ship 2 x separate Bags of shells, one containing the male shells & one bag containing the female shells. These shells are then clicked together.