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Original Bulls Breaker Balls is guaranteed one the heaviest & most lethal .68 caliber paintball marker projectile available internationally! These balls are premium reusable self-defense projectiles!

Each Bulls Breaker Ball is uniquely handmade, using the finest high quality toughened glazed glass (high-quality marbles). These balls are then coated with a perfectly balanced rubberized plastic formula, to give it the perfect grip & weight for the ultimate powerful projectile experience! Due to its perfect weight & material composition, these balls have the perfect velocity & travels at exceptional speeds, causing maximum damage! These Balls has the capability of penetrating through a watermelon, through a sealed Tuna can, & even through a car window if shot from the correct calibrated paintball marker! Just imagine the insane damage it can cause if used for self-defense? It’s less risky than an actual firearm & no license required! Which means immediate protection! The Weight is about 5.8 to 6.25 Grams or about 100 Grains for a .691 ball.

Very Important Notice before purchasing “Original Bulls Breaker Balls” (Skull Breakers):

  • Each “Original Bulls Breaker Ball” (Skull Breaker) is handmade, so each ball is unique.
  • “Original Bulls Breaker Balls” (Skull Breakers) slightly varies in weight, size & sometimes color (variances in red).
  • Due to the slight variance in size & weight, it may have a slight variable effect on the velocity & accuracy of each “Skull Breaker”.
  • For improved accuracy & effectiveness, we recommend purchasing our new & improved Bulls Asteroids “Skull Crushers”. These projectiles are heavier (Standard 6.7 Gram). Asteroids also have better velocity, more kinetic energy & does more damage than the “Original Skull Breaker” in general. The Asteroids “Skull Crushers” are also more cost-effective than the handmade “Skull Breakers”.

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