Bulls Breaker Plastic Shells (Free International Shipping)


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*Please note FREE shipping can take between 25 to 45 working days to be delivered. Please e-mail us at sales@bullsbreakerballs for faster delivery alternatives. Additional costs will apply.
These empty paintball shells can be filled with anything you like. It is simply clicked together, & is then tightly sealed. It then be shot with any standard 0.68 calibre Paintball marker or even a slingshot! No glue required, just click the male & female sides together & it is tightly sealed with whatever you filled your balls up with.
These shells are sold to a wide variety of customers, from film producers, security companies, defence companies to name but a few.
We offer the best quality paintball shells at the lowest prices internationally! Purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
You can fill these shells with almost anything! From Pepper, Water, Paint, Baking powder, Sand, Glitter, Stinky stuff, etc.
We ship 2 x separate Bags of shells, one containing the male shells & one bag containing the female shells. These shells are then clicked together.

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